With the support of Adamant, St. Petersburg to host its first-ever gastronomic festival “Let’s Eat!” on 27 and 28 July


The event will bring together the city’s best restaurants, leading executive chefs, prominent food producers, and other elements of this vital culture – the culture of food.

The “Let’s Eat!” festival will be held on Yelagin Island and span more than 20 000 m² of picturesque meadowland in the eastern part of the island, right next to the palace-museum, surrounded by snow-white statues and historic landmarks.

The “Let’s Eat!” festival is beautiful, sun-drenched emerald meadows, the mirror-like blue waters of the Malaya Nevka, the white palace, designer wooden structures with corners of renowned restaurants, open-air food courts, activity tents, throw blankets, loungers, Frisbee and badminton, children’s activities, the aroma of delicious food, pleasant music, master classes and lectures, and the feeling of pure happiness.