The Adamant Holding Company Congratulates Igor Mikhailovich Leitis on His Anniversary!


Dear Mr. Leitis, Congratulations on your anniversary!  Let us sincerely wish you good health, happiness and wellbeing! On behalf of the entire company, let us express our profound respect to you as one of the founders and torch-bearers of the Adamant Company, a wise manager and a true professional.

Adamant today is one of the largest companies in Northwestern Russian, and we owe our success, first and foremost, to our President. It is due to your unending perseverance, personal participation and selfless effort that Adamant continues to progress and develop! We are very proud and honored to work under your leadership!

Let us wish you success in achieving your goals, bright new ideas and their successful implementation! Let all your personal and professional plans come to fruition!


the entire Adamant Holding family