On October 22, the Curling Hall (Kontinent Shopping Mall on Bukharestskaya) held a presentation of a new Olympic sport, Curling Mixed Doubles


On October 22, 2015, Adamant Sport Club held a presentation of Curling Mixed Doubles, a new Olympic sport. The presentation was held in the Curling Hall of Kontinent Shopping Mall on Bukharestskaya. The presentation was attended by Anna Sidorova, skip of the Russian Women’s National Team; Dmitry Svischev, President of the Russian Curling Federation; Andrey Sozin, First Vice-President of the Russian Curling Federation; Yuri Shuliko, Head Coach of the Russian national team; Igor Minin, President of the St. Petersburg Curling Federation; Alexey Gnesin, Vice President of Adamant Holding; and Mikhail Khaikin, Director of Adamant Sport Club.