Adamant Holding celebrates 23 years!


Since its foundation, Adamant Holding has become one of the leading multi-sector companies in the Northwestern Region of Russia. Today, Adamant is a leading company on St. Petersburg’s commercial real estate market, the actual creator of the industry of modern shopping malls in the region. The company operates 22 shopping malls spanning a total area of more than 1.2 mln square meters, as well as office centers, warehouse facilities and other real estate properties with a combined area of more than 1.5 million square meters.

Another no-less-important area of the Holding’s development involves the industrial processing of glass. The Russian Glass Company, which belongs to the Holding, has 14 plants in 6 Russian regions. ZAO RGC plants produce more than 3 million square meters of multiple glazed units annually, amounting to some 8.5% of the Russian market.

Additionally, Adamant Holding includes dozens of manufacturing and construction companies, trade and service enterprises, medical clinics, an advertising agency, hotels, restaurants and other businesses.

The combination of a thoughtful approach to management, many years of experience and a great reputation among partners will surely allow the company to keep its leading position on the market and remain confident of the many successes ahead!