The Russian song about a girl who is admiring blooming apple and pear trees is very warmhearted. Katyusha is therefore a restaurant in home style.

It is located across from Kazan Cathedral, just steps away from Nevskiy Prospekt. A puffing, hot samovar at the entrance makes you forget instantly that you are visiting. Through the souvenir shop with balalaikas you walk into a suite of rooms: The Green Room, the White Room, the Scarlet Room, an on to the bar with firebird on the counter. Delicate laces and Shostka-painted trays, couches wrapped lovingly in Pavlovo Posad kerchiefs, Gzhel dishes, velvet, and chintz-covered lampshades designed by Megre Interiors create the cozy and hospitable atmosphere.

The menu is in Russian. The food is filling, with pies, blini and vareniki. Other options come straight from the nobleman’s table: Astrakhan sterlet roe, mirror carp and roasted elk meat. After you are done with blazing hot cutlets and Camelina mushrooms in sour cream, you can wash them down with traditional alcoholic beverages or Russian wine.

When was it that you last sang romance songs, danced circle dances or played a shell game? Every Friday and Saturday night, we present a loud Dinner Show. Our charming female staff will start the song and encourage you to join in: most guests turn into the main participants. On weekdays, guests play Battleship or attend workshops to make pelmeni. Any female by the name of Katyusha also gets a sweet, compliments of the chef, like smoke from the Fatherland.