Begemot is Back


Begemot is Back – the restaurant is still located at 12 Sadovaya St. and it is still open to beautiful people and the elite lifestyle. If you want to sing – go to the second floor, the territory of karaoke.

With professional light and sound equipment, and experienced vocal coaches you will get to see and hear the real you. Should you want comfort – jump onto a soft sofa, should you want to try the career of a performer, get on stage. If you are in love and want some privacy, go to the next smaller room where the candlelight, soft armchairs and mirrors in heavy frames create an intimate ambiance.

Although behemoths are herbivores, in Begemot you will not be served only grass. The menu marries the east and the west seamlessly: here you can order a satisfying quesadilla and an octopus dish, pierogi zhki with mushrooms and turkey cutlets. For real gourmets, get exquisite Pan–Asian crab; dieters will enjoy a garden vegetable salad or chicken with miso paste.

Weekends in Begemot are hot and loud; weekday traditional events include culinary and wine duels and other “beauty” contests. Anything that happens in Begemot is directed by Maxim Bryzgalin, actor, MC and showman, so you will not get bored in any case. The main thing is not to hurry – all the best women and fashionable men are already there.

That same legendary behemoth stands on guard at the entrance.