HC "Adamant" took 4th place in the ranking of "TOP50 largest owners of commercial real estate"


December 2, 2011, under the «Retailer congress in 2011. Commercial real estate "publishing house presented Retailer rating" TOP 50 largest owners of commercial real estate. "For the first time the rating was made ​​on the basis of how many square feet of commercial real estate is owned by a particular company.

The holding company "Adamant", which finished 4th in the ranking, a leader in the absolute value of the ownership of square meters of retail space within the same region and, therefore, winner of the "Strong Regions." "Adamant" now owns 807thousand sq.m. trade areas (total area placed in service is about 885 thousand square meters), which are found only in St. Petersburg. No major metropolitan operators, ordevelopers who are building large-scale malls in the region, could not exceed thisfigure.

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