Edim Rukami


Come to Edim Rukami on Sadovaya St., and get your food in your hands. This is indeed so: there are no utensils in Edim Rukami. Get down and get dirty: put on your apron and gloves, set your gadgets aside – and forget about the table etiquette rules. You will be alone with your food, and free to follow your basic instincts.

Humans have always eaten with their hands until they were limited by conventionalities and decency norms. Eating with your hands today is quite a global trend. We interact with food directly, with no barriers or intermediaries. We do not eat mechanically, we derive pleasure and energy from eating the food. In many corners of the world: in India or Japan, in America and Peru, in Africa and China, people have traditionally eaten with their hands. Our menu therefore contains dishes from all over the world.

You will quickly understand that eating without utensils is easy and fun: just try and pick up a hot golden-brown Sicilian arancini roll with mozzarella, or a piece of Turkish kebab, or break in half a French brioche with crab or a piece of Tom Yam chicken. Vietnamese shrimp, falafel with tomato salsa, slightly sweet mussels and king prawns – the best food in the world awaits your hands.

Choose a seat by the enormous windows or join friendly company at a communal table: anywhere you sit down in this restaurant you’ll feel right at home. Is this your first date? The food will destroy the unnecessary barrier between people in love: eating from each other’s hands is so romantic. Have you come with your children? They will be happy to eat everything you give them with their hands: children find natural pleasure in doing this. Tear apart juicy glazed ribs in the company of other tough guys as a group of prehistoric ancestors would; if you are a girl, lick your fingers after you sample some sweet vanilla cream. Admit that you have long wanted for a chance to feel the food for real.