Yunost (“Youth”) Restaurant is located on the fifth and sixth floor of the trade center on Ulitsa Savushkina in the Primorskiy district. The panoramic windows overlook the city skyline: the light tower of the Lakhta Center, Zenit Arena football stadium and the Ferris wheel at the Central Park.

Megre Interiors design office has been responsible for the internal design of the premises. The restaurant has two spacious, light and airy rooms. Over the comfortable ergonomic couches acorn- and chestnut-shaped lamps hang; the walls are decorated with stylish brass panels, and the interiors feature oak partition screens and decorative balls made of real linden. The comfortable zoning allows you to organize large parties, family meals or intimate dates. Above, on the roof is the summer terrace with blooming flowers, where you will enjoy a real nature outing with grilled barbecue, you sunbathe and the cocktails sing.

Yunost is a restaurant of contemporary Georgian food. The classic dishes are all there: brand-chef Izo Dzandzava oversees the cooking of excellent khachapuri according to the recipe of Aunt Eliso, charcho soup and fragrant ajapsandal. Grill masters prepare veal kebabs and turkey Lulah-kebabs, and hot lavash bread will be served straight from the tandoor oven. In addition to traditional dishes, try some of the restaurant's special Georgian food recipes: fried mullet with the baked eggplant and paprika salad, fresh plums cooked with garlic, tarragon and red wine and served with duck and crispy corn chips, or tart sheep cheese with raisins and fresh herbs. Fragrant Svan kubdari lamb pie and patara khinkali with pike, dolma with cod, salmon in sotoli sauce and tsitsila soup with naturally-grown chicken with herbs – that's the multifaceted, spicy and charismatic Georgian cuisine for you. If you come here with a big happy crowd, try the rack of lamb: the juicy meat will be grilled right at your table in the Georgian ketsi pan; ask for a whole hot-smoked sterlet or dambari khacho – hot and chewy Georgian cheese that is sprinkled with chacha and flambĂ©ed right at your table. And never forget the difs, festive-looking sauces of beet, paprika, and spinach, served on beautiful wooden plates with national flat bread mchadi.

Yunost is a family restaurant. The children’s playroom is full of light. Here the kids can color pictures, or play a game in a large doll house away from their parents. Older children can try their hand at developing games. The wine list offers the traditional Georgian Saperavi, but right next to it are remarkable wines from Tuscany and Burgundy, and mouth-filling wines of the New World. Don’t worry about parking: it is so large that there will be enough place for everyone. Then again, do not worry about anything: this would just not be right for Yunost (“Youth” in Russian).