Yuzhane Restaurant


What is the difference between the Yuzhane project and many other meat restaurants in Moscow, you ask? First and foremost, here we use up every part of the carcass. Here we want to make meat consumption as ecological as possible. In Yuzhane we make delicious delicacies from ears and tails, ribs and shanks, hearts and livers, cheeks and testicles of cows, sheep and pigs. We even make broth from hooves. The transformer-type menu allows you to select your main dish, your side dish and sauce. Most products for the restaurant are purchased in the south of Russia – in Krasnodar Krai, Rostov Region, and the Republic of Adygea: “Yuzhane” means “Southerners,” and in the south they serve not only meat but an abundance of fresh vegetables, cheeses, piquant sauces and flavorful and crunchy fresh–baked bread.

The restaurant is affordable to a broad range of guests. Most importantly, Yuzhane is not a steak house. The main slogan of the project is “all parts of the carcass are edible,” so premium steaks take up just a quarter of the menu. The rest allows for experimenting with meat and other products.