Adamant Holding was commended for help


This is a brief yet wonderful piece of news: in January and February, Adamant Holding’s shopping malls – Continents, Varshavsky Express and Atmosfera – raised a total of RUB 85,900.

Is that a lot or a little?

This money will be enough to pay for the work of a trained Perspectives staff member in Pavlovsk Children’s Home for almost three months. This orphanage is home to children with the most severe disabilities. This staff member will be there to provide assistance at all times: during a walk and at dinner, during lessons and simply when the children are getting dressed. This staff member will help select just the headwear for the day: either a thick furry cap or a thin cap with a pompon. The long day of a child in an orphanage would be unthinkable without the kind hands of their teachers, without the colorful soap foam, without the swings, and, therefore, without our common assistance! Thank you to all those who left their donations in the box and to friends of our charges from Adamant Holding for understanding how much the children who live in the Pavlovsk Children’s Home need care.