“Heroes of St. Petersburg Novels” was a special gala concert for people with disabilities, held in the Russian Museum with the support of Adamant Holding


The gala concert for people with disabilities, entitled “Heroes of St. Petersburg Novels” was held on May 17 in the White Hall of the Marble Palace. The city-wide creative competition was held for the third time this year. The wonderful event was supported by Adamant Holding who presented prizes and gifts to all participants.

One of the best performances was by Sergey Poyunov, a wheelchair dancer who had taken part in Bolshoi Theater productions. Sergey performed his dance to the song by Alena Maltseva, a St. Petersburg singer, laureate of the Golden Gramophone Prize.

Singers Anna Malysheva and Anastasia Morozova (signing singing) performed to loud applause of the audience who were very touched by the song.

All performers in the gala concert in the Marble Palace were people with big hearts, who always sought to move forward and aspired for the very best.