Adamant Holding Company is 26-years-old!


Adamant Holding Company is celebrating its birthday on October 19, 2018!

Adamant Holding was founded in St. Petersburg in 1992 and today is one of the leading diversified companies in North-West Russia.

Company assets: 22 shopping malls with a total area of more than 1.2 mln. m2, three of which are among the top 100 best in Russia, office centers, Gold Union jewelry house, more than 20 cafes and restaurants, including joint projects with Ginza Project, 4-star hotel Moscow in the downtown area of St. Petersburg and Chernye Kamni retreat in Karelia. The Adamant Holding Company production unit is represented by Russian Glass Company, Russia's leading player in the glazing market, Molodoi udarnik concrete plant and New Technologies powder coating plant. Holding assets include a major full-service advertising agency, Reklama Tsentr, Medpomoshch 24 and American Medical Clinic medical centers, IcePark and Curling Hall ice rinks. Adamant is a wholesaler of cosmetic products and produces the Forlle'd high-tech nanocosmetics line in Russia.
Adamant Holding has been demonstrating stable growth and active development already for 26 years, setting a high level of quality of services!