Adamant Holding is a partner in the "O, da! Eda! (Oh, yes! Food!) Meets the New Year!" in St. Petersburg


St. Petersburg will host the first winter festival "O, da! Eda! (Oh, yes! Food!) Meets the New Year!" on December 22 and 23, 2018. City residents and guests will gather in a new location - the inner courtyard of the Great Gostiny Dvor. The festival will unite the gastronomic and design markets, as well as charity projects.


A large food market will be the center of the event: here the city’s cutting-edge gastronomic projects will present their Christmas dishes and nostalgic winter treats. Classic menu with cookies and spiced coffee, and, of course, bold offerings for the season: fashionable Swiss raclette cheese, Serbian pljeskavica and homemade chevapi, Berlin currywurst sausages and more.

Another accent of "O, da! Eda! (Oh, yes! Food!) Meets the New Year!" is the cozy design market. It will combine all the little things that create a festive comfort: cute knitwear, honey and soy candles, Christmas boots, special occasion postcards and souvenir gingerbread. Simple details that make us happy, or whole Christmas boxes with a New Year's atmosphere inside.

The festival will also feature theatrical performances, "Let it snow", photographic space for memorable photographs and outdoor games. The festival will be held in the format of a European craft fair with lanterns, garlands and millions of lights in the darkest days of December.

Adamant Holding Company is a long-time partner of the project "O, da! Eda! (Oh, yes! Food!)" and the New Year's festival was no exception.

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