Adamant Mgt. Co.


Adamant Management Company, part of Adamant Holding, carries out the centralized management and servicing of the company’s shopping malls. The largest shopping mall chain in St. Petersburg includes a total of 22 shopping malls with a total area of more than 1.2 million square meters. In addition to commercial real estate, Adamant MC leases out office space in its shopping malls.

The shopping malls of Adamant MC are located in every district of St. Petersburg, are well known and popular among shoppers.

Adamant Management Company has established partnerships with leading Russian and foreign retail chains, including Perekrestok, Prisma, Eldorado, M.Video, Bukvoed, Karo Film, Formula Kino, Mirage Cinema, Rive Gauche, L’Etoile, SportMaster, Sela, Detsky Mir, Junior, Lukomorye, McDonald’s, KFC and many more.

Over the years, Adamant Management Company has gained considerable experience in the sphere of managing commercial real estate, including: