Adamant Office Mgt.Co.


Adamant Office Management Company is a part of the Adamant Holding in St. Petersburg. Adamant Office Mgt.Co. deals in commercial real estate.

Business centers and multifunctional facilities of Adamant Office Managing Company serve as continuation of the construction industry development by Adamant Holding in St. Petersburg. Since 1992 Adamant facilities represent major commercial objects and serve as cultural centers in different city districts, with landscaped territory, cafes, convenient approaches, ground-level and multi-storied parking lots.

Over the past fourteen years Adamant Company has occupied a leading position on the market of construction and management of multifunctional facilities. As professional managers with extensive experience, we look at the entire life cycle of an object in terms of its final economic and operational characteristics, guaranteeing stable and long-term profitability.

For Adamant Office Management management efficiency and ease of maintenance serve as integral parts of any investment project. We are focused on long-term cooperation, and not on instant profit. Therefore, it is in the interests of Adamant Office Mgt.Co. to take a responsible approach to every phase of the project, assessing it a few steps forward. We owe our success to the responsible approach we take to our work. A completed and well-established subject may later lead the parties to further cooperation – development of the chain, more challenging tasks, and more ambitious plans. Experts of Adamant Office Mgt.Co. regularly take part in professional conferences, thus helping raise the level of professionalism throughout the commercial real estate market of Russia.