American Medical Clinic


American Medical Clinic (AMC) is one of the largest private medical clinics of St. Petersburg. The company was founded in 1993, and before 1999 was the only private medical center with physicians educated in the West and high standards of patient services. In 2002, the Clinic became a part of Adamant Holding and moved to a new spacious building downtown.

Today, the American Medical Clinic is a major inpatient and outpatient facility that provides medical assistance in 40 different licensed areas. The capabilities of the clinic include but are not limited to, the following:

AMC guarantees high professionalism of all physicians and administrative staff. The company favors continuous development programs and seeks to find an individual approach to any patient, even in the most difficult and critical cases.

The American Medical Clinic is open 24/7 in a beautiful old mansion near Isaakievskaya Ploschad, at 78 nab. Moika River.