Adamant Stroy General Construction Office


Adamant Stroy Construction company, as a general contracting organization with more than 500 employees, carries out construction, restoration and reparation of office centers, shopping malls, restaurants, clubs, sports and entertainment centers, cinemas and different industrial buildings.

Adamant Stroy carries out different construction functions, specializing in the following kinds of works:

  The completed projects testify to the success of the company. These projects include: Merkuriy shopping mall, Nord shopping mall, Zanevskiy Kaskad shopping mall, Varshavskiy Express shopping mall, Nevsky Atrium shopping mall, Great Furniture Center, Continent shopping mall, Balkanskiy shopping mall, Zvenigorodskiy mall, Ligov shopping mall, Molodoy Udarnik Plant, Russian Glass Company building, Moscow hotel, Hotel on Litejniy, Administrative building on oil base in Ust' Luga, HYUNDAY factory, school building reconstruction on Vasilievskiy island, KARO Film Cinema, Prisma hypermarkets and many other objects in different parts of the city.