Ligov office center


Several floors of Ligov MFC house 35 comfortable B+ class offices.

Located close to the downtown area at the intersection of two major transport highways, Ligov MFC is conveniently located in the lobby of a Metro station. All these factors contribute to the high demand for office space in the facility.

The main characteristics of the facility include a closed, guarded parking garage, high ceilings (up to 3 meters), modern service lines, panoramic windows.

Ligov MFC boasts an innovative multi-level parking garage. The 8 levels of the parking garage can accommodate up to 219 cars. One particular feature is the availability of unique automobile elevators that take the cars to higher levels of the parking garage; Additional passenger elevators link the parking garage with the office space of Ligov MFC.

The developed infrastructure of the facility makes working in Ligov MFC offices comfortable and pleasant.