Nevsky shopping mall


Nevsky shopping mall is the most popular shopping venue for residents of Nevsky district. The modern multifunctional facility is located in the vicinity of Ulitsa Dybenko Metro Station. The first building of Nevsky mall was opened in November 2001. This building now houses more than 200 clothing, footwear and accessories shops, a beauty parlor, L'Etoile perfume and cosmetics store and a Mc Donald's.

The second building of the mall opened its doors in September 2006. The new building houses clothing and footwear stores of famous brands, such as Sela, Ostin, Zolla, Golfstream, Adidas, Love Republic, Edmins, Zarina and others, as well as Domovoy Supermarket of Home Products, Bukvoed Book Supermarket, Rive Gauche perfume and cosmetics shop, Eldorado Electronic Supermarket and Detskiy Mir Supermarket for Children. Entertainment venues include Karo Film 5-screen cinema, Hermes pool and billiards club, Pivorama beer restaurant, Planeta of Games family entertainment center, and a food court.