Balkanskiy Multifunctional Center


Balkanskiy shopping mall is located on Balkanskaya Ploschad, near Kupchino Metro Station. Several buildings of the mall are connected by skywalks, forming a single trade space.

Balkanskiy shopping mall is home to many stores selling clothes, footwear and accessories, cellular phone stores, bank offices, Intersport Supermarket, Rive Gauche Perfume and Cosmetics Salon, Perekrestok Food Supermarket, Computer World store, Bukvoed bookstore, Rockland Sport Salon, and other stores. For your entertainment, visit Formula Kino, Germes Pool and Billiards, Fitness House Sport Club and many cafes.

Balkanskiy-1, a new Trade and Office Building was added in December 2010. Skywalks connect Balkanskiy-1 to other buildings of Balkanskiy mall and Balkania NOVA. The new building houses many clothes, footwear and accessories stores, a food court and a SportMaster supermarket. The building also houses SportLife, a modern fitness club with a pool. A modern office center is located on the upper floors of the building.

In December, 2012 the second stage of “Balkania NOVA” building was opened for visitors, including specialized furniture center “12 Stuliev” (12 Chairs), food hypermarket PRISMA, ice skating-rink ICE PARK. A gallery of stores selling clothes, footwear and accessories of well-known brands, movie-house with numerous halls, food-court “Restorannyi Dvorik” (Restaurant Court) and many other things will be opened for visitors of the Shopping Mall soon!