In the period between April 26 and June 14, 2010 in the shopping and entertainment centers (SECs) of MC Adamant there will be held the photo show “Gallery of the Hearts”


The purpose of the exhibition is to attract attention of the public eye to the orphan children in the children’s homes and the first of all to the problem of their further placement in the life.

As a part of this exhibition in SECs the stands with photos of orphan children and information for their adoption will be exhibited as well.

Exhibition schedule and location is the following:

26.04 – 04.05 in Varshavskiy Express

04.05 - 10.05 in Kontinent at Baikonurskaya

11.05 -18.05 in Akademicheskiy

18.05 – 25.05 in Zanevskiy Kaskad

05.05 – 01.06 in Nevskiy

01.06 – 08.06 in Balkania Nova

08.06 – 14.06 – Kontinent at Stachek