4 February 2010 Grand opening of new manufacturing complex “Rossiyskaya Stekol’naya Kompaniya” (Russian Glass Company) (RSK) in St. Petersburg


At present Close JSC “RSC” being a part of the Holding Company “Adamant” is one of the leaders at the market of industrial glass processing in Russia. The plants of the company are located in St-Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Yaroslavl’ and Krasnodar. The share of RSK is more than 8% of the Russian market products of industrial glass processing.

A new manufacturing facility situated in St. Petersburg (at the crossing of ring motorway and Vyborgskoye shosse) has up-to-date equipment and the most advanced technology. The area of this production complex is 16’800 sq.m, the area of warehouse with offices and lockers premises is 9’900 sq.m. When production reaches estimated output more than 400 new working places will be opened. The total volume of the company’s investments to the new production consisted more than EUR 50 million.

In the grand opening the governor of St. Petersburg, Mrs. Valentina I. Matvienko, the president of Holding Company “Adamant”, Mr. Igor M. Leitis, the general director of CJSC “RSK”, Mr.Gennadiy E. Bugrov, the vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Mr. Mikhail E. Oseevskiy, the vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Alexey I. Sergeev, the head of Vyborgskiy district administration, Mr. Konstantin N. Shmelyov, the first deputy chairman of Committee on Economic development, Industrial Policy and Trade, Mr. Igor V. Ilyuhin have taken part.