On the 19-th of October, 2009 Holding Company “Adamant” has reached its 17-th anniversary


Company Adamant set up in 1992 commences its work with opening of one shop at the 8-th Sovetskaya street. Soon after in St. Petersburg there are open a few shops more. In 1994 shopping and entertainment centre “Balkanskiy”, one of the first shopping centers of the city, is put into operation.

The company makes steady progress, mastering new and new trends in the sphere of building, production, services. By 2005 holding Adamant has already included a number of shopping centers, restaurants, hotels and camps, beauty salons, plants, manufacturing facilities, its own architect’s studio and project bureau. In subsequent years the vigorous growth features the company Adamant as for a few years a number of shopping centers are open simultaneously practically in all districts of St. Petersburg. Now Adamant is the biggest multi-purpose holding unit in St. Petersburg. The major part of shopping and entertainment centers’ market in St. Petersburg is under the holding’s control (up to 40% by estimate of Stenley Estate). The total area of shopping & entertainment-intent projects already put into operation exceeds 700, 000 sq. m. Besides its shopping and shopping & entertainment centers under construction and operation the Holding company “Adamant” includes more than 70 enterprises and subdivisions.