Holding company «Adamant» acted as a partner of the international art festival «Diaghilev. Postscriptum»


The year 2009 goes under the sign of 100-year anniversary of Russian Seasons, Sergey Diaghilev’s offspring. This remarkable date is widely celebrated in Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

Sergey Diaghilev opened Russian art to the whole world and made it the most powerful factor of influence on the development of the World’s Culture of the XX century. Everything was possible for Diaghilev, the only project he did not manage to accomplish is the coming back to Russia. For a Russian viewer Diaghilev’s phenomenon remained a legend forever. St. Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music, keeping the most valuable Diaghilev’s relics, the State Hermitage and the State Alexandrinsky Theatre initiated the First International Art Festival “Diaghilev. Postscriptum”, which is to be hold in Saint-Petersburg from 12 to 19 October 2009 and will unite the largest institutions of city’s culture. The idea of the festival was supported by the city’s governor V.I Matvienko and by the Minister of Cultural Affairs A.A Avdeev, who both agreed to head the Committee of Honor.